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  • A strategic cooperation agreement signed by Zhongda Hengyuan and Henan Agricultural University

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    On the morning of December 20th, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Zhongda Hengyuan and Henan Agricultural University and the Tobacco Flavor Innovation Workstation of Henan Agricultural University Crop Science Postdoctoral Mobile Station, Henan Flavor, Fragrance and Fragrance Engineering Technology Research Center Zhongda Hengyuan Branch, The inauguration ceremony of the teaching and research practice base of the Tobacco College of Henan Agricultural University was held in the lobby of the Hengyuan Administration Building of Zhongda University, which marked a new stage of cooperation between the two sides.


    According to the agreement, the two parties will jointly carry out project cooperation in areas such as scientific research, production practice, and talent training, play to complement each other's strengths, form a rapid technological achievement transformation mechanism and talent training mechanism, and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise through continuous technological innovation. Achieve both social and economic benefits and contribute to the development of China’s economy.

    Relevant leaders from Henan Agricultural University and the city and county attended the ceremony. Vice President of Henan Agricultural University, Comrade Shang Fude, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Comrade Jia Hongyu, Director of the Management Committee, Comrade Wu Xiangjie, and Chairman of Zhongda Hengyuan, Comrade Wen Yanjun delivered speeches at the meeting.


    Comrade Wu Xiangjie, Director of the Management Committee of Linying Industrial Cluster District, took the lead in giving a speech, focusing on introducing to everyone the outstanding achievements made in the development of Linying County and the Industrial Cluster District.


    The chairman of Zhongda Hengyuanwen first expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests. In her speech, Chairman Wen emphasized the great significance of this strategic cooperation. Chairman Wen pointed out: “Henan Agricultural University has long been oriented to the development needs of the country and the local economy, dedicated to running schools with unique characteristics, and has maintained a good industry-university-research cooperation relationship with many enterprises inside and outside the province, providing enterprises with important technical support and talent support. In particular. It is the Tobacco College of Agricultural University with the purpose of "Science and Technology to Promote Tobacco". It continuously provides scientific and technological innovations for the industry and transports high-end technical talents. It has disciplines, talents, projects, platforms and other resources in the fields of tobacco science and engineering, flavor and fragrance technology and engineering. Advantages. Zhongda Hengyuan has long-term technological accumulation and industrialization advantages in plant extraction, biotechnology, and process equipment integration. The two will complement each other in the future cooperation process, forming a rapid technological achievement transformation mechanism and talent training mechanism. The company Taking this as an opportunity, relying on the university’s talent scientific research advantages, combined with the company’s production practice advantages, we will jointly carry out project cooperation, talent training, and implementation of results. Through continuous technological innovation, we will enhance the core competitiveness of the company and jointly achieve a win-win situation for social and economic benefits. Contribute to the development of China's economy".


    Then, the vice president of Henan Agricultural University, Comrade Shang Fude delivered a speech. Comrade Shang Fude first gave a brief description of the development of Henan Agricultural University and the achievements in the tobacco field. Then Comrade Shang Fude explained the advantages of Henan Agricultural University and Zhongda Hengyuan, highlighting the significance of complementarity between the two sides. Finally, Comrade Shang Fude said: "Henan Agricultural University will fully implement the agreement with Zhongda Hengyuan. To continuously explore the long-term mechanism of strategic cooperation, strive to create a model of school-enterprise cooperation, and make new contributions in promoting the construction of modern tobacco agriculture in my country, the construction of Chinese cigarette categories, the preparation and development of green high-end flavors and flavors, and the development of tobacco science and education. Create new performance".


    Comrade Jia Hongyu, deputy secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, delivered a speech and expressed heartfelt thanks to Henan Agricultural University for its long-term care and assistance to Luohe City. Comrade Jia Hongyu pointed out: "Innovation is the first driving force to lead development. To grasp innovation is to grasp development, and to seek innovation is to seek the future. The municipal party committee and municipal government will consistently attach great importance to and support the cooperation and development of Zhongda Hengyuan and Henan Agricultural University. And will Fully promote the in-depth implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, and serve the strategic cooperation between Zhongda Hengyuan and Henan Agricultural University".


    Chairman Ms. Wen of Zhongda Hengyuan and Comrade Zhao Mingqin, Dean of Tobacco College of Henan Agricultural University, jointly signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement.


    The Tobacco Flavor Innovation Workstation of Henan Agricultural University Crop Science Postdoctoral Mobile Station, Henan Flavor, Fragrance and Flavoring Engineering Technology Research Center, Zhongda Hengyuan Branch, and Henan Agricultural University Tobacco College Teaching and Research Practice Base were inaugurated.


    Chairman Wen led the guests to visit the “Chinese Natural Plant Extraction Experience Hall” of Zhongda Hengyuan.


    In the core technology hall, Chairman Wen gave a detailed introduction to Zhongda Hengyuan's R&D capabilities, technical patents and international industry status in the field of natural plant extraction. After the hearing, the guests expressed their admiration for the company's core technology, R&D level and technological achievement transformation capabilities in the intelligent, modular, and integrated R&D and manufacturing of plant extraction equipment.


    Out of the exhibition hall, Chairman Wen and the guests toasted together, tasted the turmeric juice drink developed and produced by Zhongda Hengyuan, and praised the sweet taste brought by the natural sweetener with low sugar and zero fat in the drink. After the benefits of turmeric on human immunity and liver, everyone praised this drink.


    Finally, Chairman Wen led everyone to visit the company's R&D center and CNAS accredited and CMA accredited national laboratories.

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